Child Therapy Counseling

Child Therapy Counseling is a method of communicating with a young child in a very specific way in order to understand and find solutions to their given issues.

A Child Therapist is qualified to deal with children and has the experience and knowledge to reach out to them on their own level so they can easily understand.

In doing this, they assist children in gaining clarity and help them move forward confidently overcoming negative emotions and problems.

At the same time, it is the work of the therapist to actively liaise with the child’s parents in conjunction with the Child Therapy Counseling sessions to better understand the family life and appraise the situation.

Together, this will enable progress to be made to overcome the negativity the child is experiencing and form a plan to better the child’s condition and future.

It is extremely common for children to go through phases of transition. These can be caused by frustrations experienced in normal daily life.

Very often it can be noticed quickly. Examples are if a child feels under some pressure and is unable to communicate this to the parents. Maybe they get angry with a situation, or unable to interpret the workings of a toy or a game.

These transitions are known as Psycho Emotional Transitions and this is when their emotional state changes in some way.

It can however be understood and handled very early in their childhood.

How Do I Know If My Child Needs Counseling?

It is a well-known saying that raising children does not come with a rule book, it takes love, work, dedication and effort.

Children experience different behavioral patterns as they grow up and some of these patterns can be negative. However, if noticed early they can be often corrected very quickly.

Some of the more apparent and common issues to look out for are:Children - Child Therapy Counseling

  1. Self Confidence (i.e Appears to Question His or Her Own Abilities)
  2. Having Anger Issues and Speaking with Disrespect
  3. Staying Alone & Not Get Involved with Family or with Friends
  4. Displaying Difficulties In Learning
  5. Bad Behavior and Discipline at School
  6. Eating Disorders
  7. Depression
  8. Anxiety

Of course this list is not exhaustive.

In general, if you notice changes in behavior it can normally indicate something which requires your attention.

While some issues can be small, if situations arise from the list above, there are definitely grounds to seek assistance.

Why Would My Child Develop This Behavior?

There can be numerous reasons for a child to undergo behavioral changes. To suffer with the conditions listed above can often be brought on for some of the following reasons.

  1. Parents Fighting or Separating
  2. Being Bullied
  3. Moving to a New Location/Area/Home
  4. Worries
  5. Does Not Like or Struggling at School
  6. Loss of a Loved One
  7. Health Issues

The reasons can be vast, but if there is any doubt that your child is facing difficulties you can ask for advice!

Where To Find A Child Therapist

It is important to ensure a Child Therapist is qualified to be holding Child Therapy Sessions.

Be sure you go to a Session where the Therapist holds the required and necessary qualifications. Only somebody qualified will possess the correct tools, knowledge and skill set to help your child.

If you need further advice in this area please feel free to let me know and I can help you out!

I have the certifications required and the practical experience to assist you should you need.

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