Common Questions – FAQs

Here you will find some of the more common questions about seeing a Psychologist/Counselor/Therapist and how the service can assist you in overcoming your issues. I have tried to answer many questions for you but if you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact me and I will help you out!

What Takes Place During The First Session?

It is quite normal to feel some apprehension before you attend your first therapy session. Please rest assured that I will offer you the support you need in a private and confidential manner.

During the first session we will talk and get to know one another so you feel comfortable. I will ask you about yourself and we will discuss what problems you are facing.

With this information we will develop a way forward together to solve these problems. We will decide how many sessions it may need and how often they need to be.

This will be done without judgment and in a comfortable environment where you feel safe.

How Can Psychology/Counseling Help Me?

A qualified and trained practitioner can assist you in many areas of your daily life issues.

We are all confronted with situations and how we cope with the stresses and emotions that come with them can vary from person to person. We all behave and think in different ways and a Psychologist has studied these behavioral patterns and how the brain functions.

I use practices based on proven evidence to be able to analyze your situation, find solutions and offer the treatment needed for you to move forward.

See More Here for the different reasons people seek therapy.

How Many Sessions Are Required?

All of my sessions are 1 hour in duration.

The amount of sessions you will require in total really depends on your predicament and it varies from person to person.

During the first 3 sessions we will understand a lot more and from there we can discuss in further detail how many sessions it may take to achieve what you want to achieve.

Please note that I say “may take’. It is of course extremely difficult to pinpoint this information precisely when it comes to the workings of the human brain.

How Often Are The Sessions?

Most people see their chosen therapist once per week. This is standard but depending on circumstances it can be altered to suit you.

The most important thing is to have a regular schedule or as near as possible to make progress.

What Does A Therapy Session Feel Like?

Sessions can be a very rewarding experience and depending on your situation it is possible for you to feel upset.

The service I offer is in complete privacy and without judgment so you can discuss what is bothering you without fear of repercussions.

Sometimes, just having someone to talk to and having someone there to listen to you can be extremely comforting.

You may find yourself releasing your emotions by showing your frustration, anger and you may even cry.

This is normal and it should not stop you seeking help. I am here to help you through these times and with your personal development.

Do You Make Group Therapy Sessions?

Yes. Group Therapy Sessions are available and my programs can be for people of all ages.

I can assist you in this area if you need. Please see the Group Therapy section for more information.

I Think My Child Needs Therapy – Can You Help?

Yes, help is available should you think your child needs it.

There is more information in the Child Therapy section.

Please know that for the initial session, I will invite the parents along to sit in on the discussion. Before the session ends, I will then ask to see the child alone. From here, we will discuss together the best approach for the next sessions in order to help your child.

In some cases and especially with teenagers, it is common for them to wish to attend the future sessions alone. This being said, I recommend that the parents should remain available for discussions if required.

Will All These Therapy Session Work?

Counseling and Therapy works yes.

It has been well documented and the evidence is there to clearly show that therapy is a powerful and practical way to deal with the majority and mental health problems.

These problems cover Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Self Confidence, Anger Management and lots more.

How Long Do I Need To Wait For An Appointment?

This is something I do what want anybody to worry about. If you feel you need to talk to me I will make an appointment for you as soon as possible.

Just contact me here or call me on +30 6947105224.

Can You Offer Sessions Online?

This option is also available yes.

With technology now being what it is, sessions online and payment are easy to arrange. I can offer you sessions on Zoom and/or Skype should you prefer this option.

If it is better for you, I can always arrange sessions on the telephone.

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