Couples Therapy Counseling

In a relationship, your partner will mean everything to you. Through the ups and downs that life throws at us all, we stick together as a team and help each other through good and bad times.

Unfortunately, strains can come between couples for a variety of reasons and often these irritations can cause fractures in a relationship. This is where Couples Therapy Counseling comes into play.

A qualified Therapist works alongside couples and their issues and assists them in resolving any animosity and upset that is being caused.

How Can Couples Therapy Assist?

Couples and relationships can come with very complex and unique situations. For example, what is the history of the relationship and the individuals involved? Does this have any effect on what the current problems are?

The Couples Therapy and Counseling Sessions will be able to dig deep into the roots of the relationship from its beginnings to the present and will be able to ascertain crucial information as to what the underlying issues are.

Very often issues between couples comes down to behavioral patterns and a Therapist will be able to offer standards and principles in order for the couple to understand this behavior. Understanding your own behavior and the behavior of your partner will enable better communication for depicting a way forward.

This way forward will lead to a better communication and connection to tackle daily issues and to flourish as a couple.

What Are Common Problems For Couples Requiring Therapy?

Life has a way of presenting problems in relationships whether we like it or not.

Here is a small list of common issues that lead to couples seeking therapy from a professional. This list is by no means exhaustive!Couples - Couples Therapy Counseling

  1. Drug/Alcohol issues
  2. Lies and or/Cheating (infidelity)
  3. Sexual Problems
  4. Health Issues
  5. Money and/or Debt Problems
  6. Lack Of Attention
  7. Problems With Other Family Members Such As In-Laws
  8. Aggression/Anger Issues
  9. Secrets

There can be many reasons for a couple to seek the help of a professional. This list offers some of the more common areas of difficulties. As a rule, if you are having problems as a couple, a therapist can help!

Does Sexuality Matter?

A Qualfied Therapist will not judge any person or persons based on their sexuality.

All therapy sessions and guidance will be carried out purely with the couple in mind.

Whether the couples are Straight, Gay, Married and so on, the therapy will be carried out in a professional manner and without discrimination.

No matter your situation is, if you are having issues as a couple, a Therapist can offer you the guidance you need!

Finding A Couples Therapist

As with finding a good local Family Therapist, it is important to ensure the Couples Therapist is qualified to be carrying out Couple Therapy Sessions.

Make sure you visit a Couples Session where the Therapist holds the required and necessary qualifications. Only somebody qualified will possess the correct tools, knowledge and skill set to help you.

If you need further information in this area please feel free to let me know and I will help you out!

I have the certifications required and the practical experience to assist you should you need.

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